Medical & Health Devices

It is not only the need that is known, but also the increasing need for alternative health products that makes people inventive. Also in the field of alternative health devices, new, innovative technologies are being used more and more, which are constantly evolving. The selection of health devices is diverse and includes the following cross-generational offers:

  • TIENS Ti Energy Bracelet
  • TIENS Multifunctional Massage System (head massager; massager to regulate blood circulation)
  • TIENS CILVARIS Skin Care Device
  • OLANSI Hydrogen Skin Care Spray
Titanium is a metal having super strength, high chemical stability and excellent biocompatibility. It is the only metal that is entirely neutral to the human body and does not cause any allergies. Titanium is called ‘pro-bio-metal’ in medicine. It is not toxic or harmful for the human body and never reacts with the muscles or bones. That is why it is widely used in medical devices as well as for artificial joints, heart valve and teeth implants.
128.59 € incl. tax
Titanium is a particularly hard, chemically highly stable metal with excellent biocompatibility. It is the only metal that is completely neutral for the body and therefore non-allergenic. In medicine, it is also referred to as "probio-metal".
160.65 € incl. tax
TIENS Multifunctional Massager is the successful combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern, high-tech, patented technology, opening up new avenues in the field of human health. The intelligent single-chip system offers you a product that combines a balancing effect on well-being, health care based on laser radiation and a massage function.
224.94 € incl. tax
TIENS Cilvaris is a beauty instrument based on ultrasonic frequency, reduces wrinkles, improves skin relaxation and skin texture, delays the aging process and strengthens the deeper layers of the skin.
224.91 € incl. tax
Hydration Rejuvenation Antioxidation - Built with high-quality titanium-platinum electrodes, the hydrogen water sprayer produces hydrogen-rich water using high-efficiency water electrolysis.
147.26 € incl. tax