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Hygiene is generally defined as comprehensive measures and efforts aimed at preventing disease, maintaining and improving health. In a narrower sense, this includes various aspects such as keeping objects and surroundings clean or cleaning (e.g. through disinfection) as well as environmental, food and personal hygiene in order to prevent damage to health and the spread of diseases. The need for health care shows how important protection against infection has been against the background of a wide variety of viral diseases in recent years. The effects of hygienic environments, especially in the home, and conscious actions in this regard on maintaining well-being are of great importance and should by no means be underestimated. For this purpose we have developed the following household appliances with the latest technology - for more cleanliness and health protection in your own home:

  • TIENS Multifunctional Fridge Cleaner
  • TIENS Disinfectant Water Generator (Disinfectant Generator)
  • TIENS Fruit And Vegetable Disinfection Machine TQ-D43
  • TIENS Vacuum Uv Vacuum Cleaner (Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Mite Vacuum Cleaner)
Do you have problems with unpleasant odors in your refrigerator, shoe cabinets, closets or toilets? Get rid of them with TIENS Multifunctional Fridge Cleaner.
176.69 € incl. tax
Home-use sterilizing solution generator developed and produced by the company is controlled by microcomputer and uses normal saltine water as raw material. It can produce efficient, broad-spectrum Sodium Hypochlorite solution in a fast and convenient way. It can conduct effective disinfection in multiple aspects such as clothing, food, household living and other daily usage. It’s safe, environmental-friendly, non-toxic, and has no side effects.
289.08 € incl. tax
TIENS Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner is a cutting-edge and smart home appliance designed to help us clean the foods we eat every day, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood and grains. With its advanced technology, the device can remove food contaminants such as pesticides, bacteria and other pollutants, ensuring the safety and freshness of the food on the table. It can be used in many ways in our lives to protect our health and improve quality of life.
481.95 € incl. tax
Give your home a deeper clean with the innovative UV Vacuum Cleaner, handheld device with super strong ultraviolet lamp, 3-step filtration, and double-row brush. Unlike standard vacuum cleaners, the UV Vacuum cleaner kills up to 99.9% of bacteria, mites, and other allergens in your interiors.
367.20 € incl. tax