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What is nutrition and health?

by ömer hakan ölçer 29 Jan 2023

Being healthy is considered by everyone to be the most important thing in human life. A quality, productive, peaceful, comfortable and happy life is possible, above all, with health. For this reason, not only in case of illness, but also before an illness, it is necessary to be very careful in some matters. Regular checks and examinations, emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness, taking necessary dietary supplements , paying attention to things like regular sleep and exercise are essential to health. But beyond that, nutrition is very important for being healthy and leading a healthy life.

Why is proper nutrition important to be healthy?

When it comes to health, the first thing that comes to mind is physical health. The body, on the other hand, needs nourishment, as well as cleansing, exercise, and rest to be healthy. However, this nutrient must enter the body as accurately and sufficiently as possible. In other words, harmful foods, foods that are clean and unhealthy, or ingested without considering their values ​​can, over time or perhaps immediately, cause disease instead of keeping the body healthy. Because of this, in order to live a healthy and comfortable life, a person must first pay attention to the foods they eat.

What is proper nutrition?

Proper nutrition is provided by taking all the food groups necessary for the body in the required amount and time. The correct distribution of the daily protein, carbohydrate and vitamin balance in the menu, sufficient fluid intake, correct storage and preparation are all part of the right diet. In addition, the intake of seasonal foods is directly related to proper nutrition, as well as the cleanliness and hygiene of the materials of the prepared dishes.

It should also be noted that diet is also related to age, gender and daily energy expenditure. The nutritional values ​​and amounts that a small child needs and the values ​​and amounts that an adult needs are different. If these are not adhered to, this has a negative effect on the relationship between health and nutrition. Likewise, the quantities and amounts that exercisers and those who work at a desk need differ. In this context, we can say that health and nutrition are two inseparable issues.

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